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How can a naturopath help my child (or teenager)?

Yes I do work with children and teenagers. In fact, I love to work with young people.

This is how I got started in naturopathy. My own daughter was a preschooler (30 odd years ago) she had a repeated cough, cold and a runny nose. I’d taken her to the doctor numerous times and ended up feeling disillusioned as antibiotics were repeatedly the treatment that I was offered.

So, I delved into what natural remedies I could use which included homeopathy, dietary modification, herbal medicine, flower essences amongst other things. I

learnt iridology (our health potentials and weaknesses are reflected in our iris) and this opened up to studying naturopathy and herbal medicine in 1994.

(Click here to learn how I can help teenagers)

What sort of health concerns do I help children with?

✅Tummy aches, bloating, constipation, runny poos, encopresis, tummy bugs

✅Anxiety, resistance to sleeping, waking up repeatedly, moodiness, separation anxiety

✅Hyperactivity, ADHD, poor concentration, lack of motivation

✅Repeated infections - coughs, colds, sore throats, earaches, constant runny noses, chestiness, viruses, gum infections, tummy bugs

✅ Eczema, sores that don’t heal, eczema, rashes

✅Allergies, sneezing, hayfever, itchy throat, sinus, mouth breathing

✅Sporting injuries, sore muscles, growing pains, leg cramps

What services are suitable for children and teenagers?

✅Hair Testing (particularly for digestive and skin symptoms)

✅ Naturopathy (using food (nutrition) supplements / flower essences/herbal medicine or homeopathy as required and lifestyle guidance)

✅Bowen Therapy (body aches, cramps, spasms, tension, headaches, migraines and more)

✅An acute consultation for tummy bugs, colds, coughs, acute stress, grief, shock

"The probiotic & dietary recommendations you gave *** settled down the diarrhoea so fast! Thankyou so much." Mum of a 6 year old.

If you're ready to book your child (under 13) in here is the link

How do you help teenagers & why work with a naturopath?

The early teens are a great time to start educating your child on the importance of healthy eating, (and why we need to include adequate protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates for a growing body).

It can be helpful for someone else (other than the parent) to talk to them about the need for creating a healthy work/school/ life balance. I can support you by explaining to them the need for adequate sleep, exercise, why certain foods may be depleting them, how certain nutrients can help them with stress, a depleted immune system, digestive issues and mood imbalances.

More specifically I can help with:

✅General stress from school: including exam stress, performance anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety

✅Fatigue and low energy from a busy work/social / sporting regime (again supporting the nervous system)

✅Hormonal imbalances causing acne, period pain, heavy periods, pre-menstrual tension

✅Nutrient depletion from taking the oral contraceptive pill, antibiotics, antiinflammatories

✅Insomnia, poor sleep habits, shock and grief

✅Creating new habits (see 21 Day Cleanse below)*

Those over 13 require an adult consultation - however I am offering a 10% discount for Term 1 2024

*The 21 Day Whole food cleanse is a great way to learn with your teenagers.

In this cleanse we learn about

  • Common toxins & chemicals that you and your family are exposed to as part of everyday living and how they are causing harm to your health

  • Toxicity and sugar and how to deal with cravings

  • How toxins create mineral deficiencies

  • Candida, worms, parasites and how to protect yourself from these infestations

  • Toxicity and your hormones

  • Staying toxin free

Note the Cleanse is based on a whole food diet and can be modified for teenagers or to suit your needs.

I also offer a free 15 minute discovery call for parents

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