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Weight Management 

"Hi Jasmin, I am now 70kgs so that is 6.3kgs loss in 4 weeks, I am feeling sooo much better in myself: more energy for a start and I haven't felt hungry or deprived just fitter and healthier. I feel I should keep on this very low carb regimen for the rest of my life! So thanks you! More people should know about this!"  LS July 2018

That was a wonderful email I received from a client on the Shake-it program. I love it when I can help people like this! people I've spoken to many women over the years who have put weight on and can't seem to shift it and they feel that they hardly eat anything! 

So you've tried lots of diets and lost weight and then put it straight back on again?

There are so many 'diets' and 'eating plans' out there, it can be overwhelming!

There isn't 'one size fits all' for losing weight?

"Obesity's health consequences include serious chronic health conditions that reduce the overall quality of life." World Health Organisation.

The Shake it program is for everyone, it is easy to follow, scientifically validated, proven to be safe and effective. It incorporates a healthy and satisfying diet combined with moderate exercise to support rapid and lasting weight loss.clients who have participated in this program have safely lost up to 1.5 - 2kg per week and improved their energy levels, whilst preserving their muscle mass. (This is dependent  on how much you need to lose and how diligent you are.

I've personally been using this programme for the last few months which has given me a great handle on what to eat and how to adjust what you are eating  if you aren't losing.. My partner and I have both lost the weight we wanted to shed (- over 8kgs each) and we have very different metabolisms and food choices so I know it can work! We are now planning to make it a lifestyle change about the way we approach food. 

Check out all the details here.... 

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