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Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis


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Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis (SCHH®) 
Including Past Life Regression and much more 

Welcome. If you've found yourself here, you will be on your own spiritual journey to finding some answers that you have been searching for. I've found so much deep healing on my own journey with this modality, and I was so excited to get the opportunity to add it into my tool kit of healing options for my clients. This beautiful technique allows me to take my clients on an exciting soul led journey into the quantum field and assist them in navigating the experiences that their Higher Self (and guides) choose for them to get the best out of a session. 

I firmly believe that we all have the ability to access the quantum realm, & get our own insights and inner guidance
Jasmin Sturm. 

Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis certificate

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH®) is a past life regression technique developed by Laura Whitworth. Laura found that many clients struggled to access past /parallel lives, or their Higher Self during a session due to trauma and blockages (and entities) acquired over their current life, and this was subsequently stopping them from accessing this powerful information. The trauma needed to be healed and any entities released for the client to then be able to tap into past/parallel lives and the quantum world and most importantly, to communicate effectively with their Higher Self. 

Now is the time for us all to access those parts of ourselves, so we can easily and with flow, access the wisdom of our Higher Self. 

SCHH is an accredited training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. This was upgraded in December 2023 - my initial training was in September 2021

Rock Balancing

  • healing trauma, phobias, and fears

  • removing energetic blockages and restrictions in the body

  • clearing earthbound spirits & all types of entities & AI 

  • breaking generational trauma 

  • clearing and strengthening the chakra system

  • Clearing unresolving health issues.For example repeated candida infections relating to the sacral chakra.

  • finding your own answers to questions about your life

  • understanding your life purpose

  • giving you a sense of direction, clarity about your future

  • understanding and allowing forgiveness & acceptance

  • understanding challenging relationships you have with others 

  • spiritual development and awareness

  • answers to metaphysical questions

  • and it's usually fun!

Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis can help with:​

Interested but want to ask Jasmin some questions? Book a free 15 minute Discovery call.

A transformative Soul-Centered Healing Experience!
I recently had a SCHH session with Jasmin, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results!
From the moment the session began, I felt a sense of trust and comfort.  Jasmin’s soothing voice and empathetic guidance allowed me to delve deep into my subconscious, unlocking doors to healing. 
The session was beautifully tailored to my individual needs, and I left the session with a renewed sense of clarity and inner peace.
Jasmin’s expertise, compassion, & intuitive understanding created a safe & nurturing space for healing to take place.
I highly recommend these sessions to anyone seeking a powerful and transformative journey within.
K Jan 2024

What happens during the session?
Hypnosis sessions are conducted either face to face in my rural Matakana clinic or via zoom.
The full session is up to 3 hours in length.

1.  The first 45- 60 minutes; we go over your paperwork and discuss your intentions for the session as well as your higher-self questions (you prepare these in advance). 

2.  We then spend up to 2 hours in hypnosis;   a. starting with progressive relaxation of the body and the mind to allow you to gently drift into the theta brainwaves state: we then clear any blocks, releasing traumas, earthbound and other  entities & attachments, rebuild the chakras, if necessary, then quantum travel to a relevant past /parallel life (or other multi-dimensional experience) to explore and help you make sense of this life                                                      b. then call forth your Higher Self to ask your questions (which we have discussed in detail during the first part of the session) and provide any further healing for your energetic body that is deemed necessary by the Higher Self. 

3. We finish with a short post session chat to discuss your experience.

You will receive a copy of the zoom video within 2-3 days.

Want to read more about entities and attachments? Link here to an article.

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'“After my session with Jasmin and exploring a past life where I embodied a Viking explorer. I came away feeling very strong in body and mind. The other sensation I experienced was a effervescence in my soul, I went away lighter versus the heaviness I felt when going into the session.                             

Lindsay B  April 2022

'I had a session with Jasmin for the SCHH Multi- dimensional Soul Journeying, and what an amazing experience.

I have had many "healing" sessions over the years, and sat with other people who channel for me. I even "see" things myself & share that information with others.

This was an entirely different experience. I travelled to a time that was not of this world, where I asked my higher self the questions I needed answers too. The experience of connecting so deeply with my higher self with someone else was really challenging! I wanted to argue or say no, but it was so clear the messages coming through, and I knew that was what I needed to hear!

I found Jasmin's voice to be calming, supportive and non-judgmental. She carefully guided me to get the answers and visions that I needed to see.

I was blown away by the experience! And now I'm just coming to terms with the life changing answers I received, and how to integrate that into my life

How much is a Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis Sesson?


Your investment for the 3 hour session is $249 (NZD)

 *   Subsequent sessions are 2- 215 hours and are $199 (NZD)

 *  Purchasing 2 sessions at once is $399 (NZD)

 *  Payment can be made via PayPal for International clients and via bank transfer for NZD> If paying via Paypal you will be required to pay all PayPal fees.

What is the theta brainwave state?


We each naturally experience the theta brainwaves twice everyday - just before we go to sleep and when we first awaken in the morning. SCHH gently takes you on a relaxing journey down into this level of awareness.

Beta - awake, normal, alert consciousness

Alpha- physically and mentally relaxed, awake but drowsy

Theta - deep meditation, dreamy, light sleep

Delta- deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

What do I need to know before I book in?

* Most people can get into the theta state for hypnosis. SCHH® contains ample opportunity to relax your body and mind

* You do need to be able to visualise. Jasmin can email you a guide prior to your session if you feel this will be a challenge.

* You will also be required to have a headset with a built in microphone that you can use with either a laptop or ipad. This is so important, otherwise your voice will not be clear enough for me to hear and record. There are reasonably priced headsets around.

* SCHH® works so well via zoom. In the quantum realm there are no restraints of space or time!


Is SCHH suitable for everyone?

This modality is not recommended for -  pregnant women. Please email me if you have queries in this regard.

It is also not advised for those taking anti-psychotic medication, or some other prescription medications unless the practitioner is also a psychologist. If you have any questions at all I'd love to hear from you. Email me here.

You can also find my SCHH content on instagram on this link  SoulAlchemywithJasmin.  


Are you confused or want to learn more about entities? Read here

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