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To lose (one's)mojo


Mojo - one's confidence, energy, enthusiasm or magic

Have you lost your Mojo?

Are you ready to get it back?

Then this online course is for you

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and a loss of direction in life?

Do you wake in the middle of the night with a busy mind and you can't switch your brain off? (I know all about this!)

Is your motivation or passion for life waning?

Are you always feeling fatigue although you eat well? Or sleep well?

Do your blood tests say that there is nothing wrong, but you know there is?

Have you lost your Mojo?


Would you love to get your energy and enthusiasm for life back?

Would you love to feel inspired and excited about your future?


Jasmin smiling

I've been where you are, I've had patches of my life where I felt flat and fatigued, with no motivation or enthusiasm for my next step, and wondering if I'll ever be able to get back to my old self.

Here is one way I've dealt with it in my personal story. 


Often when I ask my clients what creative or fun things they do in their life ' just for them', there is nothing. They don't have time or energy to prioritise themselves!  They may not even remember what they used to do for fun or how to express their creative side.  

 If this sounds like you... Reclaim your mojo is for you..

If the above sounds like you, then you may be like a number of my clients who tell me they are always tired, or not sleeping properly, or just feel out of sorts. You don't know what to eat with all the information that you are bombarded with in the internet - gluten free, paleo, keto, you've tried lots. Or you may have been flat out for years with looking after the family, the kids, and working and caring for others, (give, give, give) and it's all of a sudden become too much. Now your kids have gone and that's hard too! Or your parents need lots of support. And you wonder where all that time went while you still had energy! And you've lost your mojo.

What if you could

 - connect with the fun and passionate person you are (or used to be... she is still in there!)

- say no when you need time for yourself 

- sleep all night, and wake feeling refreshed? Or at least sleep for 8 hours a night!

- say your energy is consistently good, say 7-8/10?

- feel inspired and motivated to eat healthily, create new habits to use for future 

I've helped many women over the years move from tired and unmotivated to enthusiastic, inspired and 'on track again'. 


I personally consistently find people say I am a different person than I used to be many years ago. I am clearer, lighter andhappier.

I've learnt some specific ways to help women regain their mojo.

Now I want to share this formula with you!  

It isn't super complicated! It involves putting some specific lifestyle, mindset as well as  individualised steps into place.

 Module 1: Theme -  Identify

   Module 2: Theme - Eliminate

 Module 3: Theme -  Nourish

Module 4: Theme - Nurture

       Module 5: Theme - Celebration

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When you sign up will receive within 24 hours.

* a comprehensive Workbook which includes the weekly tasks, steps and prompts for you to fill out

* 4 weekly emails which include links to the module video content, extra downloads and bonus handouts 

* option of a discounted naturopathic consultation after completing the course 

* option of a discounted Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis Session after completing the course

‘Jasmin, as I started putting down my thoughts about my recent healing journey with you, I realised how much I have actually advanced in self-awareness, body-mind integration, fitness and overall well-being through following your wonderful guidance and advice. One huge impact for me of your care is that I am now maintaining extremely well-balanced energy levels!

I cannot thank you enough for helping me through these recent health challenges and helping me to restore and expand my wellness.

Your sound insight and depth of understanding gave me a very clear and effective paths to follow on my healing journey. It was also extremely empowering to be listened to so openly and to have my own intuitions acknowledged and respected. I'm sure the sense you inspired of having control and choice over my own healing process aided the journey immensely.

I'm definitely someone who attempts to be pro-active with maintaining my health and well-being and I find your style of care well aligned with that.

Thank you again Jasmin. Mauri Ora!                                            April 2019, SS one on one client

Don't wait! Get ready to make the changes you need to feel more energy, motivation and joy in your life. 

Value $79 US - Current 2024 Special $39 US

Disclaimer: Please note if you are feeling depressed, have suicidal thoughts or deep trauma please visit your doctor. This is self directed learning and does not offer that level of support.

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