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Jasmin Sturm

Naturopath, Herbalist, Bowen Therapist, Hypnotherapy (SCHH)

BHSc (Comp Med) DipNat DipHerb Med GradDip Tching (Prim)  

Hi there, thanks for checking out my page.

I grew up on a beautiful rural orchard in South Auckland which I believe set me on the path towards a health career. I originally planned on becoming a dietician, but in the 1980s that would have meant a move to university in Otago, so I ended up settling for a Bachelor of Arts after I left school.  I’ve been a naturopath and medical herbalist for 25 years (qualified in 1999, then in 2002 gained a Bachelor of Health Science (CompMed)). 

In the early 2000s I spent 6 years working at SPCNT naturopathic college in Ellerslie, Auckland, in various roles including Clinic Director, Deputy Principal and teaching both naturopathy & herbal medicine. I keep up to date with the latest research attending many seminars each year on Natural Health. In 2019 I upgraded my skills in Physical Examination & Vitae Mosaic (Functional Medicine) 

My lifelong passion for natural health & energy medicine has inspired me to complete many other courses over the last 20 years and gain certificates in Bowen Therapy, Body Harmony, Reiki, Touch for Health, Moativational Med, Iridology, Counselling Skills, Emmett Therapy and Pellowah.

In more recent years I owned Warkworth Natural Health Store for 8 years which I sold in November 2016. Since then I have focused on running my private clinic.

In 2021 I had the urge to bring my passion for spiritual awareness into my work and studied Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis. This modality was initially designed to be used via zoom which was perfect for the lockdowns that we experienced in New Zealand, however I do offer it face to face as well. I absolutely love this work as it facilitates releasing trauma and blocked emotions out of the body and helps one get more connected to their own intuition and inner guidance.

Some random facts about me:

* I am a lifelong learner. I also have a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) which I decided not to pursue as a career, as I realised that holistic health (physical/ spiritual/mental) is where I can make the most impact. 

* I am recharged in nature, an introvert and I love the beach, bush, music, camping.

* I live off-grid in rural Matakana, with my partner and our pets, and we are now 7 years in of setting up a permaculture property. 

* We have a blended family of 5 adult children & 3 grandchildren.

*I'd love to write some books

In the Warkworth
Natural Health Store

My story

A bit about why I want help you to find your path to better health.


I decided to study naturopathy after I saw how much improvement in health my then preschool daughter was, after taking her to some natural therapists. As a baby she was repeatedly unwell with colds and chest infections and had developed a persistent cough - there was even talk of her possibly having asthma. To this day (she’s 33) she has never had to use an inhaler.

I grew up in the 1970s in a carefree lifestyle on a large orchard property with my parents and 2 brothers. Our property was like the garden of Eden, there were so many types of fruit that we could eat, there was even a house orchard, a big vegetable patch and turkeys. As children we would ride our bikes, swim on our beach or help with picking fruit or in the shop. However, dad would tell us to stay inside for a few hours when he was spraying the orchard, and the fruit trees right outside our house. He was all geared up wearing a spacesuit (it looked like that in those days) and big gloves up to his elbows. I am sure we were exposed to quite a lot of herbicides during that time. 

I started having hormonal problems as a teenager when I went on the pill, I put on weight, developed migraines and my moods were all over the place. I suffered from seriously heavy and painful periods, and in my late teens had an ovarian cyst with such severe pain I lay on the floor for hours and had to ask my flatmate to get me some strong pain relief. At 20 I had a breast lump removed, and when pregnant at 24 I had surgery for a large ovarian cyst. The hormonal issues didn’t finish then, but you get the picture. 

It was anxiety and insomnia that had the biggest impact on my life though. As a sensitive child I used to get lots of tummy ache (when I was worried or upset). At 21 upon returning from living in Australia for a year, I also started getting panic attacks. After a particularly bad patch of anxiety I was given one weeks worth of valium, however that made me feel so spaced out I didn’t take it more than once.

I've also experienced burn out in my 30s. Working, studying, caring for 2 children alongside my own health issues at the time (anaemia, insomnia) meant I was on the verge of full on adrenal fatigue. It takes a persistent approach to get ones health back on track after experiencing adrenal fatigue.

All these experiences caused me to embrace the chance to heal myself,  so when I started studying naturopathy in 1994, I was excited to realise that there was so many other options available. So for the last 30 years I’ve been exploring many new ways of healing myself, as well as my family and clients. It’s quite a long list, some may say I've been a self awareness junkie!

My hormones aren’t an issue any more, and I’m still working on detoxing my body, the chronic headaches have gone, but my approach to stress, anxiety and body pain have changed immensely. 

I’ve developed my own routine of mindfulness, stress management techniques, supplements and herbal medicine (as and when required), and do my best to eat organic and free-range foods.

I love my life and am so grateful for all the tools in my toolkit. 

What I’ve learnt since working with many women over the years is that everyone has their own set of underlying causes. There is no one size fits all; our life experiences and genetics are different. I’ve got many tools to help you navigate and find your path to best health. I just know that with better health we have a better mindset, and we have more opportunity to have our dreams fulfilled. 

"Together we can transform your health, in both body and mind"

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