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BioPulse  - Ionic Foot Spa 

Image by Rune Enstad

 Get results by just sitting and relaxing....

 Are you ready for a gentle detox?

   Benefits of the BioPulse may include:

  • detoxification & rejuvenation at the cellular level

  • clear skin and sparkling eyes

  • increased energy levels

  • stress reduction

  • better quality sleep

  • pain (muscle and joint) relief

  • stronger immune system

  • a reduction in systemic inflammation

  • kills excess candida and other pathogenic (bacterial, fungal, viral) strains (which can affect other body systems)

The BioPulse Ionic foot spa increases the electrical field,  which aids the body in restoration of proper cellular function allowing the cells to increase both nutrient uptake and the  discharge of waste. It has an added function of the utilising both the Rife and Schumann frequencies.

$55 for a single session

Or 3 sessions for $150 (payment up front)

Or 10 sessions for $450

For best results we recommend a series of 8-14 sessions over a 3-5 week period and then once monthly for maintenance.

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