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Why would I get a Hair Test?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I've been using EAV Hair Testing

in my clinic for a wide range of both food, chemical and environmental substances for more than 13 years. (The full list of substances tested and the process of getting the results completed is available at the link at the bottom of this page.)

This form of testing is an easy and painless way for you and your family to find out which (if any) foods or environmental factors may be causing irritation to your body and possibly contributing to your health and wellbeing issues. It is a great starting point for your journey to better health!

So how is the hair 'tested'?

The testing using the EAV machine measures the difference in electromagnetic resonance when the hair sample is exposed to various test substances. Your hair sample is placed on one side of the machine and a sample of the test substances is placed on the other, and the reaction between them is measured. If there is no resulting reaction then that particular substance isn't causing a reaction/intolerance. If there is a reaction it is measured on a scale of 1 - 10. This test quantifies changes in electromagnetic energy and is not measuring a list of antibodies or immunoglobulin’s as do blood tests.

Is this test as good as a skin prick test or RAST testing for allergies?

These kinds of tests are looking for totally different results, allergies and intolerances use different parts of immune system stimulation, therefore we suggest if you are having issues you get all tested, as some things may be an allergy. Your main health care provider can assist you with these.

But why not just avoid wheat and dairy?

It is a great start to cut gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol and processed foods out of your diet. This is an often recommended protocol (or part of it), by naturopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors and others. Avoiding the above mentioned foods often gives great results for many people, however, the specific food/substance may not be one of those mentioned above. (Or it may be candida, liver detoxification phases, or food additives that comes up).

One example I had recently is a client had stevia come up in the results, and she realised that stevia was in a number of herbal teas that she was drinking, and she also found that the burning she was having in her mouth decreased when she avoided stevia.

Do the hair test results change over time? If I have the test done will I have to avoid the foods for ever?

Yes results can and do change over time. If you work on healing your gut* as well as avoiding the foods that have tested as reactive (and addressing other factors that may come up) results will change. You will see this as you track your symptoms and notice them subsiding. Sometimes it is best to continue to avoid the foods for sometime or even forever, it is totally dependant on your body and your healing capacity.

It is beneficial to get your hair retested after six months of avoiding the substances that have come up, then appropriately reintroducing the food/environmental factors back into your diet to assess how you are going.

Why should I work with a naturopath as well? Can't I just avoid the foods? Or take an antihistamine for the pollens if they come up?

The benefits of booking in for a naturopathic consultation as well, is that I have extensive experience with hair testing and am able to identify which other body systems have been impacted, and am thus able to help you find the best way forward to improve your health. Often people find the results a little overwhelming so w I am able to interpret the results and give added support/recommendations for your specific digestive or other health issues, such as supporting your nervous system (IBS) or immune system (pollens, mould). Together we can address your health long term.

I will also ensure that you don't go into deficiency of any nutrients if you need to avoid a range of foods for 3 - 6 months.


'Since having the hair test I've lost 5 kgs and my digestion is so much better!' GB July 2017

"My daughters eczema (she is 6 months old) has much reduced after we stopped eating the foods that came up and I changed to a different washing powder. I am really pleased as she isn't scratching so much either, so is sleeping better.' BC March 2017

" I came to see Jasmin when I was suffering from bad gastric reflux and heartburn. I had been prescribed omeprazole by the doctor and it wasn’t making me feel any better. Jasmin started me on a programme of supplements and together we sorted a plan for coming of the meds. I had a hair test done before Christmas and was amazed at the results! Now after four months I am off the meds and are eating better for my digestion. Thank you Jasmin!"

SG Warkworth March 2016

'My daughter and I have both benefited enormously from having a hair test. While the results supported Jasmins' initial ideas around ort health concerns, the hair tests provided an extra insight for us that really supported a course of action, enabling us to get an accurate diagnosis and relevant treatment.' M Warkworth Nov 2016

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