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Nourish For Women
A 4 week package for YOU.

- Do you need some nurturing?
- Are you exhausted, lacking energy or motivation?
- Is your body sore or are you suffering from some hormonal imbalance or poor sleep?
- Do you need a kickstart to get on track with your health?
                    I can help.
     Your needs are important!
for as little as $112

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, or even if you just want/ need to reset your health then this nourishing package is for you. 

These last 3 years have taken a toll on all of us.

You will get professional support to help you get on top of your symptoms, and feel confident that you are doing the best for your body.

As well as some pampering with a relaxing and gentle bodywork session!

 Package includes:

  Appointment 1:  60 minute comprehensive initial naturopathic assessment (and

we take a hair sample for your Hair Intolerance Test)*


 Appointment 2: 45 minute Bowen Therapy session (body reset & chakra balance)where you will leave feeling relaxed and calm (scroll down for more info on why bowen will help you)

 Appointment 3: 20 minute phone consultation where we discuss the Hair IntoleranceTest results & your treatment plan


    Appointment 4: 30 minute naturopathic review appointment 2 - 3 weeks later to assess your progress and make a plan moving forward

You will receive Free  

   1 x 25 ml bottle of  personalised Flower Essences to support your emotional wellbeing

Note any other optional herbal remedy or supplements that are recommended are not included in the cost.

*Hair IntoleranceTest (against more than 240 foods and environmental substances), read

about it here

Value of package: $516

 Your investment is a one off payment of $450, which will save you $66

Why Bowen Therapy ?

Often when we decide to make some changes to our health we neglect to address all areas at once. We will go for a massage, get a test done at the doctors surgery, book a counsellor, or cut out junk food but not actually address the mind, body and soul.

This is why I have  included a Bowen Therapy session in my nourishing package for women. This is the nurturing part of the package. You will leave  this appointment feeling relaxed and calm.

The gentle technique works on your muscles, fascia and nervous system, calming and resetting them, but will also begin the process of releasing toxins out of your lymphatic system,  improving your circulation.

The added bonus is that it will assist with your emotional health as well, and we can work with releasing specific emotions that may be holding you back. This will allow you to get the most out of the package.

Read more about Bowen Therapy for body, mind and soul here..

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