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Bowen Therapy: body work for the body, mind and soul

Have you heard about Bowen Therapy?

What I love about this gentle bodywork technique is that you leave feeling relaxed and calm. It is so gentle in fact that many people tell me that they don't feel any discomfort during the session.

Bowen therapy works with the inherent wisdom of the body, giving the muscles, nerves and fascia a nudge to move back into balance. Some clients enjoy the fact that you don't have to remove any clothes (except jackets, accessories and shoes), and that you lay quietly on the table feeling snuggly and warm, listening to relaxing music.

I was drawn to using this modality because of its ability to work on many levels of our being.

In this article I'm focusing on how bowen therapy can help with pain, stress & tension, and shifting emotions.

How does Bowen Therapy help with pain?

Bowen Therapy treats pain by in part by tapping into the connection between the peripheral nervous system (basically the part of the nervous system that is connected to the organs, limbs and skin) and the muscles. The golgi tendon, a special sensory organ is in the belly of each muscle contained in our body.

This golgi tendon is a hub of nervous system tissue which communicates with the muscle. It can tell the muscle to contract or relax. In many cases of pain there is some disturbance within the golgi tendon apparatus that initiates or perpetuates muscle tension. The gentle and specific Bowen Therapy manoeuvres help to reset the nervous system signals in the golgi tendon apparatus which tell the muscle to relax.

How does Bowen Therapy help with stress and tension?

Bowen Therapy is particularly helpful in these conditions. (And let's face it, who doesn't need some help in this area?) Do you have tight muscles or neck or shoulders? This can be a sign of chronic muscle tension, caused by factors like hyperactive reflexes or nervous system dysregulation (tension, stress).

Muscles don’t have a mind of their own and only constrict (get tight, and tense) when the nervous system communicates that message to them. There are many therapies that work to relax tight muscles but if the core problem is with the nervous system the muscles will be tight again within a few days after treatment. Bowen Therapy manoeuvres/ moves speak directly to the nervous system through the golgi tendon apparatus and are thus intended to correct this cause of muscle tension and pain.

When the nervous system ceases to send unnecessary signals to the muscles for constriction the muscles will relax and circulation can increase. This also allows the unimpeded flow of nutrients into target tissues and the removal of waste through the lymphatic system improves. Poorly oxygenated tissues send out pain signals in order to improve blood flow to the area. When our body tissues (muscles, fascia and lymph) are congested with the build up of metabolic waste, we often feel more pain, due to the high pressure created and the toxic local build up. (Image - when your clothes are too tight they can feel restrictive around your waist, arms etc). The most effective healing can only happen when the tissues are able to be perfused with new blood rich in oxygen, white blood cells, and connective tissue cells. Bowen Therapy therefore can decrease pain and promote healing by improving circulation.

Bowen therapy has an added dimension in that it shifts emotions.

Feelings, memories and sensations are sometimes felt during a session. Some clients feel colours or tension move around their body to be released. There is no pressure or expectation for this to be part of your session, for the main purpose is just to relax and enjoy the experience.

However, If you do have some emotions that you would like to release, we can add in a gentle releasing process to the session.

Since the pandemic in 2020, I have noticed that many of us (myself included) have had periods where we feel considerable shock in regard to recent and ongoing events. When we are in shock, (which is a common response to being giving unexpected news) we often hold our breath. (Test yourself, imagine learning of some unpleasant news, how do you respond?).

In the bowen session we can work with your diaphragm, which can become tense and unresponsive when we hold our breath or have disordered breathing patterns. I can make up some flower essences for you to help you process these emotions.

Feedback from an elderly clients family '#s mood has improved since her bowen therapy sessions, so much so, that people are mentioning it to me!" February 2020

And an 8 year old child "# is so much more relaxed, he is no longer being so obsessive with his food." April 2019

I've added a Bowen Therapy session into my Women's Nourishing Package to supercharge the package, and ensure that we are working on body, mind and soul.

Bowen can be used for all injuries and most conditions in a more physical manner. More information about what other ways bowen can improve your health is here.

Or jump right in and book a bowen session now.

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