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Do you have an invisible illness?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

"My blood tests are all normal"

"I've tried everything!"

"The tests are all clear"

"When I take it I feel like I'm being poisoned!'

Over the years as both a naturopathic practitioner and a Health Shop owner, I have met many people with an 'invisible illnesses'. This is the type of illness that has many symptoms but no obvious cause or diagnosis.

Often I can see the relief in clients eyes at the end of this first consultation, not because I claim to cure them, but because they have been 'heard', and many times the say they haven't actually spoken out their whole story to anyone who has given them undivided attention. (This in itself is very healing, I believe, we all need to feel acknowledged and that our story is important). I hear people say such things as "I've never connected those two situations together".

Naturopathic Doctor Carrie Louise Daenell explains this well "What I’m talking about is the truly invisible. You may have lost everything, but you have no diagnosis. All of your lab tests are “fine” and you are told you are “fine” but you are NOT fine!"

You may be feeling exhausted, with unexplainable pains and hormonal or digestive symptoms, but tests all come back as 'fine'. (If they are fine, or 'normal' why do you feel so bad??)

This is where I find that combining all the tests already completed by your Doctor with naturopathic treatment, functional pathology, individualised assessments and an holistic approach to your body systems can help you find out what is going wrong. We look at things from a different perspective, with great results.

I will use my unique blend of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine to begin to piece together the jigsaw of what previously seemed invisible and unconnected. (Doesn't it seem like a big jigsaw puzzle at times? Only when all the pieces are placed together does the real picture become apparent).

You will leave with a better understanding of the underlying connections between your health history, what your tests tell me about your optimal wellness, what we can improve and simple dietary, nutritional, lifestyle or medicinal interventions.

If this is you I would love to help.

If you would like to find out how I can help, book a free 15 minute discover call. Here

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