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What are entities and why do they attach to us?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

In this current time period there is a growing awareness of other dimensions and the 'unseen world' around us. An important aspect of a Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) session is to clear the physical and energetic bodies of any attachments and blockages. We work with pure white light when clearing the body, which has the highest frequency of all, and these attachments do not feel comfortable when the white light is flooding the body. We also call in the archangels, including Archangel Michael, who has a net of white light as well.

Signs you may have an entity attachement

- intense brain fog and/ or forgetfulness

- candida and other gut problems

- a sense of profound sadness

- any addictions ie: sugar, alcohol, drugs, vaping, marijuana. (As well as transferring to a new addiction if you've managed to overcome one addiction)

- hair and teeth issues

- a feeling of not being able to speak up, choking or throat issues

a history of trauma and/or grief

- a history of hospital visits where there have been intense emotions experienced by you or around you (could be from visiting unwell relatives, your own health issues, or even working in a medical environment)

- being told 'You are not yourself' when you drink alcohol

- quick to anger, rage

- headaches and migraines

- sadistic tendencies

- disconnection from normal human emotions (heart - compassion)

- a inability to connect with your higher chakras (such as third eye, higher self)

Which chakras do entities attach to?

They frequently attach to the root, sacral or solar chakras as this is where they drain/ siphon off your energy. However they attach or impact all chakras. (Depends on your symptoms - this is why we have a pre-session chat)

What are entities?

a. Discarnate (disembodied) Spirits are those who had a human body at one point. Instead of crossing over and going back to the light when they died, they have stayed attached to the Earth plane. This can happens if there is a strong tie to a person or place, or if they had an addictions when they died. These spirits will gravitate to someone with a similar addiction and attach to them so they can feed their habit. The ones with a strong tie to a person or place will either attach to the person or stay roaming around the place.

b. Dark Entities (Demons/Reptillians) have not had a physical body in this 3D realm but they do have one in another dimension (the 4th dimension). These entities attach to their human host in this dimension and syphon energy from them - literally using humans as batteries.

c. Other attachments some examples are AI (artificial intelligence) or ET attachments

How often do I find entities during a session?

Entity release, or clearing energetic blocks are an integral part of the SCHH session. We frequently come across entities, however there is always some sort of energy clearing (releasing trapped emotions) as healing our energetic body is very important. This will be discussed during the pre-chat part of the session.

I have come across a wide range of entities with clients: from AI implants, to an attached deceased parent and child, to a mass of entities that had been passed from the husband of my client to my client, black goo, people that had attached to the client in hospitals, or when they were drunk or in low frequency situations.

Some people experience the entity release from a different perspective, and connect with how the entity has affected their life such as 'to hold them back', 'to stop them from expressing themselves, "to pin them down""to keep them safe".

How does it feel to go through an entity removal?

Many entities are happy to go back to the light, and feel relief and joy once they get back to source. They just need to be directed to the light and coached through the process.

If they are a disembodied human spirit we connect them to the last experiences they went through in a physical body and help them realise that they 'missed the cue' when they passed over.

There may be some resistence from some of the dark entities, however we work with

Archangel Michael, (and the other Archangels) as well as your guides and higher self in releasing them. Archangel Michael is adept at getting ALL entities out of the body. There are particular techniques which we use to send these entities to the light. (Created by Laura Whitworth.)

After the entity/ energy block is removed we thoroughly clean the energetic bodies, we fill any of the spaces these entities inhabited with pure high frequency light which renews and energises all the cells that have been effected.

We encourage you to have a daily practice of energetic protection to ensure that you stay clean of entities moving forward.

Below is one clients' experience of an entity removal at the end of our session. This is quite an extreme example, but very interesting.The fascinating thing was that I saw a grey blob fly out of her energy field, and knew it had left her body. I told the client that I saw it and she managed to get a screen shot of the moment it flew out.

"When you started doing the chakras I started to feel pressure on my throat and was trying to swallow, when you got to the throat chakra it friggin grabbed my jaw and was pushing on my throat, I was trying to breathe and open my mouth.Goodness!! It was a bit scary for sure.😱 Thank you and the beautiful Angels for removing it gently.🙏 On Tuesday when I woke up my jaw was aching like it had done a work out 😅, I slept for 12 hrs Monday night. Wow!! Beautiful sleep. May 2022

Another client who had a lot of grief in her heart from the loss of one of her parents some decades ago

" After our hypnotherapy session my heartache was gone. No more worrying pain in that area! Thankyou so much!"

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