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Which chakra needs balancing?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

During an SCHH session we find and release any entities that have attached to the energetic body. These entities attach to our chakras (they may get in via cracks in the auric field, or when we are in a low frequency state as discussed below) and siphon off our energy from the chakra they are attached to.

We will clear the chakra involved with each entity, and generally do a complete energetic overhaul, to ensure that each of the chakras are clear and functioning well. (This includes sealing any cracks in the aura as well)

After the SCHH session it is important to keep your energetic body healthy and thus if there has been a chakra that has been severely impacted it is vital to rebuild and recalibrate that part of the energy body.

The root or base chakra is concerned with physical needs and basic human survival and security. Many of us have had this chakra affected by the last few years, if not from the trauma that we have experienced over our lives. Some examples: death of a loved one, divorce, financial instability,losing a home ➡ it reflects the degree to which we feel connected to the earth or are grounded in our activities. ➡ the amount of energy flow through the root chakra is a reflection of one's ability to link with the earth and to function effectively on a day to day basis. ➡ on a practical level this refers to the ability to keep one's feet firmly planted on the ground. ➡ when in balance this chakra provides us with the energy and where with all to provide for life's necessities, to stand up for ones self and gives us a sense of security.

Some positive actions you can do for the root chakra: ➡ physical activities such as exercise or yoga ➡ ​do work that you love ➡ ​develop a conscious relationship with money ➡ use essential oils that are grounding and centering such as myrrh, patchouli, lavender

➡listen to stimulating music with deep beats such as drums

➡wear or carry red gemstones

* Support your root chakra by toning the sacred sound SA into the base of the spine

The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra is Svadhisthana, meaning 'sweetness' and its effect is certainly related to the sweetness in our life - pleasure, sexuality, nurturing, movement and change. These concepts have certainly been challenged in the last 3 years! You may have this chakra impacted by such traumas as sexual trauma, lack of connection with your mother or being a mother. ➡ it represents our creative energy ➡it is associated with our reproductive organs as well as the bladder, large & small intestines & the lower back ➡ the sacral chakra is described as the subtle energy seat of sexual energy ➡ the sacral chakra leads us from the simple basic existence to help us embrace what makes life worth living ➡How do you define creativity? 🤔🤔 Some positive actions you can do for sacral chakra: ➡ ​hot aromatic baths ➡ ​deep tissue massage ➡ ​use sensual essential oils such as sandalwood, sweet orange, ylang ylang, patchouli ​listen to flowing music ➡​surround yourself with orange (clothes, jewellery, furniture, furnishings, art)

** Support your sacral chakra by toning the sound RE into the abdomen and lower back

The sanskrit name for the solar plexus chakra is 'Manipura' which means lustrous gem.

This chakra is about the power of being an individual, while celebrating our connection to the rest of humanity.

From an emotional perspective the solar plexus chakra is linked to PERSONAL POWER. 🌟

This relates to how we view ourselves in relation to others in our lives. Those who have 'victim consciousness' and feel they have no sense of control over there lives will often manifest an imbalance in their this chakra.

Trust, fear, intimidation, self esteem, self confidence and respect all correspond to this chakra.

Some positive actions you can take to support your solar plexus chakra:

➡ take a course, read informative books

➡ use essential oils that are protective against negative influences such as aniseed, ginger, peppermint

➡ wear or carry yellow gemstones such as citrine, amber, or gold

➡surround yourself with yellow - clothing, décor, furniture.

** Support your solar plexus chakra by toning GA into the stomach and middle back

During one period of my life (after a terrible breakup) when I felt that had a complete loss of my personal power, I intuitively decided to paint one of the walls in my lounge BRIGHT yellow, and later brought a bright yellow car!

The Sanskrit Anahata means 'sound made by two things striking' alluding to the co-existence of body and spirit. The heart chakra is concerned with forgiveness and compassion and the development of unconditional love where we can accept another for doing their best. The heart chakra is integral to an individuals capacity to express love. The highest form of spiritual love is unconditional love towards others.

This chakra will be impacted by grief, a broken heart and lack of connection or support from family and friends.

Some positive actions to strengthen your heart chakra: ​➡ spend time with family, friends and animals ​➡ be loving and compassion without conditions (unconditionally) ➡ ​listen to the beautiful sounds of nature ➡ ​wear or carry a green 💚 gemstone such as emerald, jade, moldavite ➡​ wear green clothing, use green decor, art, houseplants ➡ ​be patient with others and yourself * Support your heart chakra by toning the sound MA into the heart and wings.

What is your favourite way of connecting with your heart? 💚💗

The throat chakra - is the first of the higher centres, and is associated with communication, self expression and creativity through sound.

Vishuddha is the Sanskrit name, meaning 'purification'. On a physical level, throat dysfunction can be reflected in communication difficulties. Mastering the energy of the throat chakra helps us with orally expressing ourselves using word and sound. This allows us to recognize how we feel, follow our dream, use personal power to create and have the confidence to communicate our emotions to others. Ways to strengthen your throat chakra: ▶ speak the truth ▶ enjoy singing in the shower, take a singing course ▶ read poetry ▶ participate in meaningful conversations ▶ listen to music that is repetitive, such as echoes or sounds of ocean waves ▶ wear or carry a blue gemstone such as turquoise lapis lazuli, sapphire ▶ surround yourself with blue - clothes, art, decor, shoes

* Support your throat chakra by toning the sound PA into the throat and back of the neck

The third eye chakra is also know as the 'brow chakra' and in sanskrit - Ajna which means 'to know' or 'to perceive'. The third eye offers us the ability to see and understand all things. It is the connection to the higher functions of consciousness. This chakra is one of the psychic centres that develops with meditation. When highly developed it has the ability to 'see within' use our 'inner vision'. Mastering the third eye will help you keep your mind focused on related issues, including opening up to intuitive sight and wisdom, the ability to learn from experience and emotional intelligence. Ways to strengthen your third eye chakra: ➡ allow yourself to daydream ➡ close your eyes and feel the sun entering the third eye area ➡ meditate ➡ listen to classical music such as Mozart or Bach ➡ use essential oils that help us to connect with the higher levels of the mind and bring clarity such as juniper berry, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage or bergamot ➡ wear indigo gemstones (such as amethyst) and clothing, decor or art

* Support your third eye chakra by toning the sound DHA into the third eye, the centre of your brain

The crown chakra is called the Sahasrara in Sanskrit - meaning 'thousandfold.' This chakra is considered one of the highest vibrational centres in the subtle body and it is associated with deep inner searching. This chakra is most active in those who are involved in aspiritual question for the meaning of life.This is the chakra that needs to be clear to allow you to fully connect with your gifts.

A impacted crown chakra can cause intense headaches and pressure around the head as well as causing people to feel that they aren't connected.

Some positive actions to strengthen the crown chakra: ▶ see the divine in everybody, everywhere, look inside for answers ▶ enjoy quiet contemplation, meditation and yoga ▶ silence is the crown chakra's inspiration music ▶ use essential oils that have the ability to connect us with the divine. Including lavender, sandalwood, frankinsence and myrrh. ▶ wear or carry a voilet gemstone such as amethyst ▶ surround yourself with violet in your clothing, decor, art, jewellery

* Support your crown chakra by toning the sound NI into the top of your head.

If you have read this and have concluded that your chakras are out of balance - book in for an SCHH session.

Or book in for a 15 minute discovery call to see how SCHH can help you.

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