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My 5 top tips to stay well when flying.

Updated: Mar 26

Do you find that after travelling you come back all refreshed and then end up with a cold soon after?

Flying does take its toll on our body for a number of reasons, so it's a great idea to be prepared and reduce the risk of coming down with a cold.

1. Stay hydrated. Air-conditioning and low humidity in the plane means that moisture evaporates from the body quickly, which can lead to dehydration. Plus, when air is dry, the throat's broomlike cilia become less effective at sweeping out viruses and bacteria, so you may be more susceptible to illness. Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea as these are aso dehydrating. It is recommended to drink .25 of a litre per hour of flight. Even better, take electrolytes. My recommendation is Elete electrolytes.

2. Invest in a nasal spray. The drying effect of the air conditioning causes the nasal passages to become dry, so using a nasal spray will help rehydrate them as well as make breathing easier. Air conditioning causes all the bugs and viruses (from people coughing) to be recycled around the cabin. Take a scarf that you can wrap around your nose and mouth when necessary. Choose a nasal spray with an antibacterial element, such as colloidal silver spray, or one with a small percentage of eucalyptus oil.

3. Take some liver support. Did you know that the air in the cabin comes directly from the engine, (eek!) it is cooled then pumped directly into the plane. There are also pesticides sprayed into the cabin and on the seats. Drink milk thistle or dandelion tea, or take a liver supplement such as n-acetyl-cysteine. You could also have a sauna when you get to your destination.

3. Don't over eat. This contributes to bloating (notice how a bag of chips will expand in the plane?Gases in our gut react to the changes in air pressure in a similar manner, and we feel can feel bloated and uncomfortable.) Make healthy choices if you are picking from the menu, or even better, take healthy snacks with you to eat during the flight. (Airline foods are prepared in advance so much not be as nutritious as one would like)

4. Get adequate sleep. Lack of quality sleep puts further stress on your immune system. Take melatonin, or a sleep supplement such as tart cherry to assist you in sleeping on the flight. When you arrive at your destination stay up until the evening if you can so you will quickly adjust to the time zone. Sleep in a completely dark room with no light. In hotels you can cover the clock with a towel. Low levels of white noise, like binaural delta rhythms, can help you fall and stay asleep.

5. Take Homeopathic Jet Lag Spray. This will help your body adjust to a new time zone. Naturopharm have one that I recommend.

And 5 must haves for your First Aid Kit:

Traumeel drops - these can be used for any inflammation, bruising, infection.

SB (saccharomyces Boulardii) probiotics - a probiotic strain used for gut infections/ tummy bugs. A must have, especially if you are travelling to a country where there is a risk of getting diarrhoea.

Vitamin C - take 3 times daily to keep your immune system on the ball.

Rescue Remedy - or Naturopharm PanicMed. For stressful events, or anxiety around flying.

Magnesium - for muscle aches, to help sleep and relax the nervous system.

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