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How does a damp building cause health issues?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

With all the rain and flooding in New Zealand over the last 3 months there is a growing concern that my clients and their families could be exposed to and affected by MOULD.

I've had mould come up in my clients' Hair Tests over the years - and have seen how living in and breathing mould and the mycotoxins they produce can affect some people. As with all conditions, not everyone is affected in the same way by different toxins due to genetic factors as well as their general health status.

These mycotoxins that are released by various moulds can contribute to the development of chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). 80% of CIRS arises from exposure to water damaged buildings. Over time the symptoms can spread across all the body systems. The symptoms range from headaches, aches and pains, excessive thirst, sinus, light sensitivity, red eyes, blurred vision, confusion, poor memory, poor concentration, to a metallic taste. I have a comprehensive questionaire that I get my clients to fill out to assess how widespread the symptomology has spread throughout the body.

A number of years ago I worked with a client who had been exposed to a serious mould problem in a heritage building that she worked in, she was having quite a few symptoms across a number of body systems - including fatigue, breathing issues, headaches and anxiety. We needed to do a comprehensive protocol for at least 6 months to eliminate the mould out of her system and restore her vitality. (Which we did successfully).

CIRS can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome (a study on CFS found that 90% if the patients had significant exposure to mycotoxins in buildings at some stage in their life). Often this is the time when people begin to really look at what has contributed to the decline in their health.


So what can you do if you have been exposed to a damp, mouldy building?

1. Of course it if most important to eliminate the exposure to the mould in the environment - this includes mouldy foods, (from out of date cereals and nuts, to mouldy bread and fruit). The surfaces need to be cleaned adequately with natural cleaning products. Some excellent natural cleaners: vinegar, probiotic cleaners, essential oils such as tea tree oil. I recommend using Purebiotic cleaning products.

2. Some of the ways you can support the body via supplements:

- bind and excrete the mycotoxins to reduce the toxic load on the body. I use Toxaprevent /clinoptilolite (MAC) which is a top quality clay binding product that also takes heavy metals, histamines and other toxins out of the body, and supports liver function. Other options are bentonite clay, charcoal and zeolite.

- take a top quality fish or algal supplement with high EPA and DHA will help to reduce inflammation and support healing of the gastrointestinal mucosa. A healthy GUT is vitally important for all areas of health

- take a top quality curcumin (turmeric) supplement supports and reduction inflammation as well healing the GUT -- specific liver function support is vital. The liver has such an important job of detoxifying and excreting all the chemicals and toxins that enter the body. (From the breath, skin, orally, throught the bowels and bladder) N-acetyl cysteine is an excellent supplement to assist the liver, as are a number of herbs such as dandelion, milk thistle, schiszandra.

- and a healthy diet is so important. Reduce sugar, processed foods, and increase healthy foods such as organic vegetables and fruit, free range meat and fish, eggs, and fresh nuts.

3. Another excellent supportive measure is to take a homeopathic mould remedy. This can be started straight away. Please contact me for more information.

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Are you concerned that you may have been affected by mould and aren't sure what to do? Book a 15 minute FREE discovery call.

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