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Are you feeling fatigued, burnt out and exhausted?

Updated: Mar 2

Have you tried implementing these 6 steps into your life?

1. Eat regular meals. Yes, I know intermittent fasting has benefits, but if you’re struggling with symptoms of adrenal dysfunction such as fatigue, low blood sugar, muscle aches, low libido and digestive issue then your focus needs to be on balanced blood sugar. You may actually benefit from a small bedtime snack so you can sleep soundly through the night.

2. Get outside regularly. This can be a challenge when you are feeling tired but it is worth it. Studies show that being in nature can help promote a more relaxed state, which will take the strain off your bodies’ stress response system. Leave your phone at home, go for walks in your favourite places in nature if possible (I personally love the bush or the beach) and to breathe in the beautiful fresh air. 3. Manage your sleep. This is so important, and many people just don’t realise how much a good deep sleep will help with energy, mood and general wellbeing.To help you get into a relaxing mindset before bed - try this. To learn more about sleep in general read here.

4. Develop a proper breathing practice. This is such an underrated way of improving energy – sufficient oxygen. When we are stressed or anxious, we tend to shallow breathe and our lungs don’t inflate fully, resulting in a poor oxygen supply. There are many resources available to teach proper breathing, including yoga, mindfulness practices, books and classes. 5. Eliminate inflammation. Contrary to popular belief, inflammation is more than just redness, swelling and fever: it is an immune response that is present with any ‘itis’ - think arthritis, bronchitis, colitis, diverticulitis, tendonitis etc. Poor gut health, food sensitivities, underlying infections, as well as negative self talk are just a few contributors to inflammation. The underlying cause must be addressed to reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve energy (and I love to work with all of these.)

6. Consider taking a B Complex supplement. B vitamins help with energy production inside each individual cell and provides your adrenal glands with the building blocks they need to function at their best. Note, not all B vitamins are equal, and if you have particular metabolic issues you may react to some of them, so get professional advice about which is most suitable. For best results take them with breakfast or lunch.

If you have already worked on some of these steps or you find you aren't getting anywhere, I do suggest booking in for a consultation, as having a plan to follow can make all the difference.

If you are ready to commit to improved health right away, and want to say no to exhaustion, crappy energy levels and lack of motivation - I have designed my Nourish for Women package.

"I was so surprised when my sister booked me the Nourish for Women package. It was awesome to feel so cared for and to spend the time addressing my own needs. I highly recommend this package to any woman who has a busy life with the demands of work, family and other commitments. I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm and focus for my life now." AB August 2020

"I definitely have more energy and better digestion since doing the course with you Jasmin. I just feel healthier.' SR March 2020 (This client completed a 21 day Wholefood Cleanse))

" I thought I was eating really healthily, but I was still feeling exhausted. Once we did the hair test and I realised which foods were causing my fatigue (as well as the candida) my energy has come right back up. I'm so pleased as I have a busy job and life and couldn't afford to be so tired all the time. Thanks, Jasmin" MM August 2019 (This client had a hair test and a four week detox)

What next?

If you need help and support with improving your energy levels naturopathy can help.

If you have had low energy for more than 6 months, or struggle to get out of bed/ function normally you may have adrenal fatigue or burnout. My work with me program may be best for you.  

You may want to start by purchasing my 120 pages holistic selfcare journal. Coming to my website soon. Email me to get it now.

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