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Building a healthy green smoothie...

Green smoothie formula

This is a great way to get a good portion of your daily quota of vegetables, protein, healthy fats and other nutrients... and you can be creative in the way you do it!

1) Firstly choose your base

*Almond milk *coconut milk *rice milk *filtered water *coconut

*water * green tea

2) Next choose your greens

*kale *collards *spinach *beetroot greens *dandelion

3) Next choose your fruit…. (organic is best)

*banana *any berries *mango *avocado *pear *peach

*pineapple *apple *kiwifruit *melon

4) Now the fun part…supercharge it

** *protein powder of choice *chia seeds *nut butter *spirulina *raw cacao *maca

*cinnamon *vanilla extract *ground flaxseed *LSA *whatever else you like

5) Before you blend… if you need a bit of sweetener (go easy on this part)

*chopped dates *honey *stevia *maple syrup

Blend away and enjoy!

Some other interesting bits!

You can mask the 'green' taste and colour by adding berries. So it is easy to get greens into an unsuspecting child or adult!

I'm not a huge advocate of adding sweeteners, but those listed above are the lesser of evils. Be aware of your blood sugar levels if you add in to much of a sweetener - if you feel too buzzy and then weak then a drop in energy then your blood sugar isn't stable. Also, I find that some people react to stevia (this is with my hair testing) as well as honey - so just because they aren't processed doesn't mean they are actually good for you.

a) There are a range of protein powders around nowadays. You can choose from whey, pea, hemp, soy, rice (and possibly more.) Not all protein powders suit everyone. I do suggest that you add protein to your smoothie to make it more like a satisfying meal - which as well as being beneficial for building tissue such as hair, nails, and the cells involved in hormones, immune cells, and enzymes: it will help with your blood sugar regulation and make you feel fuller for longer!

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