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Testimonials - Hair Testing


"I have suffered from IBS for 20 years! Since having the hair test and avoiding most of the foods on the list and taking the supplements you recommended - I've had improvement in my symptoms for the first time." T Matakana April 2018

“Jasmin the intolerance test you did for me was amazing. I lost so much weight overnight, obviously was from inflammation, peed it out. Happy to be able to fit my clothes again. And heaps more energy. Have referred lots of people to you.”JH Kerikeri Dec 2016


Bowen Therapy 

'My 13 year old son was suffereing from severe cluster migraines so i took him to Jasmin for Bowen Therapy, hoping to find him some relief. After the first session, and with the aid of 2 homeopathic complexes that she prescribed, the beneifts were immediate. He now carries the remedies around with him and has regular Bowen treatments. The few migraines he's had since the first treatment have majorly diminished in severity and recovery time. he self administers the homeopathic if he feels a migraine coming on and if he gets to them quickly enough, the migraine does not actually develop. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from migraines to see Jasmin. We are so thankful to her for her amazing help!' Maree Sept 2018 


"I was asking for an xray on my hip as the pain was so bad, and  taking anti-inflammatories, and a friend suggested I try a Bowen Therapy session - a couple of days after my first session the pain was so much reduced, I was so relieved!"

NJ March 2016

I came to see Jasmin with a really sore shoulder and elbow. The pain was 9 out of 10. After the first session the pain in my elbow went completely! And my shoulder was so much better. I am a builder and use my arms continually... so can't afford to rest them for long enough for them to heal so the Bowen is very helpful for me. Ross  WW 2015



My 10 year old son hurt his neck at rugby, and couldn't move it - the bowen session  really helped. Thanks Jasmin    Penny, Mahurangi 2015


“My last Bowen session was totally divine. I was walking on air for the rest of the day! Thank you Jasmin for your amazing skills, intuition & energy. I'm already recommending you to my contacts”    Barbara Matakana 2015


' I had pain under the heels of my feet for about 6 months -  it was painful standing and sometimes I struggled to walk (especially after a busy day) As I have a job where I stand a lot, I didn’t seem to have enough time to rest my feet and recover . It was worse on my right foot but both were painful.

After my  second treatment with Jasmin I felt something shifting (in my heel) during the session:  2 -3 days later I realised there was no pain in my heels. Now 1 year  later I still have no pain.'   Barbro  from Otorohanga, 2015


'I had plantar fasciitis for nearly a year and had been to a podiatrist (and spent lots of money!), which hadn’t helped. Jasmin suggested trying out a new technique on me (Emmett Technique) which she used alongside the bowen and within a week my foot was back to normal and I’ve had nothing since! I'm wrapped!'   TS  from Auckland, September 2015


'Thank you Jasmin and thank you "Bowen Therapy"! After two car accidents;  the first one quite serious where I suffered a head and brain injury,  and neck and spine injury. I went through hundreds of hours of Physio and Osteopathy, not to mention all the counselling and work with different therapists all to heal myself and get myself back on track to normality. I then suffered a second car accident which was thankfully not very bad at all but I did hurt my neck again and that is when I finally had my first "Bowen" session with Jasmin. I enjoyed the session very much and was not expecting any great changes as I had never experienced any quick relief from pain in the past but when Jasmin told me she had finished the session on me, I asked her, "Does it work right away??" She answered that it can and it did! I was able to move my neck without any pain and I felt like I was lifted from a huge weight. I have continued to see Jasmin and have Bowen Therapy and have continued to get better. I highly recommend Jasmin  to anyone wanting to heal themselves from any pain or trauma. Thank you Jasmin.' Kelly Kaipara Flats,  2015


Naturopathy - herbal, nutritional and more

The client below already had an amazing diet, but her energy was low, and the hair test picked up that candida was an issue, (there were no obvious signs of candida), so we put her on an excellent detox regime and she is now feeling great energy levels and is in wonderful health.

Her teenage daughter had acne issues, and finding out the specific foods that were aggravating her enabled her to feel really enthusiastic about changing her diet – and her skin is now glowing.  Note both of these clients below have been following a naturopathic regime of supplements as well.


'My daughter and I have both benefited enormously from having a hair test. While the results supported Jasmins' initial ideas around ort health concerns, the hair tests provided an extra insight for us that really supported a course of action, enabling us to get an accurate diagnosis and relevant treatment.' 
M Warkworth Nov 2016

" I came to see Jasmin when I was suffering from bad gastric reflux and heartburn.   I had been prescribed omeprazole by the doctor and it wasn’t making me feel any better.  Jasmin started me on a programme of supplements and together we sorted a plan for coming of the meds.  I had a hair test done before Christmas and was amazed at the results!  Now after four months I am off the meds and are eating better for my digestion.  Thank you Jasmin!"

SG Warkworth March 2016

'My immune system and asthma were terribly bad, (I was even on prednisone) but after following recommendations from Jasmin for a few months my asthma and immune system are under control. I'm feeling so much better now. I really appreciated that Jasmin could send me my herbs as I live out of the area.' TS September 2015


'Having consultations with Jasmin has assisted me with my sinus issues. The herbal remedy helps prevent the build up of mucus. Jasmin's consultations are thorough, she is focussed and listens to specific needs and requirements.  Thank you Jasmin for your care and support.' JB August 2014


'I came to see Jasmin when I was suffering a bad bout of bronchitis, but also the effects of several years of sad and stretching events. Jasmin's session was so healing - not only throught the remedies she prescribed, but the profoundly caring and intelligent way she listened. It was the first time I'd felt heard in a very long time. That too was a powerful part in my healing. '  MH March 2014


'Our 15 year old son had been suffering with acne for 4 years. Many visits to the doctor resulted in a lot of frustration. A 6 month prescription of antibiotics  was the last straw so we visited Jasmin in search of a holistic solution. She was incredibly thorough.... just 2 months later with a combination of dietary adjustments, supplements and herbs has not only arrested the acne but our sons immune system is stronger than ever..... we are fortunate to have Jasmins' expertise in Warkworth.'   JL May 2013


'I have been going to Jasmin over the past 3 months, mainly for lung congestion caused by damage to my lungs. I'm absolutely delighted with the results so far. I have a lot more natural energy, my coughing is at an absolute minimum and I feel vibrant and healthy!   BM May 2013

I find Jasmin to be compassionate as well as extremely knowledgeable in all areas of natural health and it has been an absolute pleasure to have met someone who is caring and can help people achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.'   Nikki June 2013


'I am a working mother with 2 children under 5. I was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue after 6 months of doctors visits. Jasmin evaluated my health status via email consultation. After thorough research on her part, Jasmin emailed my detailed supplement and dietary regime. After 3 months on the regime my energy levels ar rising, I'm able to get through the days more easily and am warding off colds and flu and as a bonus have also lost 6.5kg. I highly recommend Jasmin for all of your naturopathic needs.' LJ Oct 2013 (Sydney)


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