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A qualified naturopath* is trained to find the underlying cause of health issues – we treat the whole person not only the presenting symptoms.

At the core of naturopathy are the following principles:


  • First do no harm

  • To treat the causes of disease

  • To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine

  • To heal the whole person through individualised treatment

  • To emphasise prevention

  • To support the healing power of the body



Herbal medicine is the therapeutic use of plants to enhance health, prevent disease and alleviate suffering.

Herbs work by assisting the body to heal itself rather than suppressing the symptoms.
Herbal medicine may be prescribed as a tincture (either single or in a blend), or capsules, teas, syrups, or ointments.


I love using herbal medicine as it enables me to blend a mix for the individual client – reflecting their specific needs, and addressing their particular complaint.

Herbal mixes can be used effectively in a protocol to address most health issues!
•    Sinus infections / repeated sore throats
•    Fatigue/ stress/ insomnia
•    Coughs / colds (and recurrent ones too!)
•    PMS/ menstrual pain / insomnia
•    Shingles/ viruses/ glandular fever
•    digestive conditions  - bloating/ diarrhoea/colitis 
•    Arthritis, autoimmune diseases
•    Detoxification


Nutrition is fundamental to naturopathy:  what we eat and how we eat becomes who we are!

A naturopathic treatment plan always has nutrition at its core. We will always cover your daily diet in detail in our initial consultation. With these details we can assess whether you are getting adequate nutrients for your health, or whether what you are eating contributes to your symptoms. We make some simple suggestions to help you on the road to the best nutrition for you.

Hair Intolerance Testing

Do you suspect you or your child has an intolerance to a certain food or environmental allergen such as wheat, pollen or grass, or has candida ?


Do you suffer from?

  • bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea

  •  eczema, rashes, hay fever, joint pain

  •  lack of concentration, anxiety, depression

  •  fatigue, headaches, /migraine, breathing difficulties

  •  dark circles under the eyes, itchy nose or throat


The hair testing procedure we use at Warkworth Naturopath is based on an electro-acupuncture diagnostic method  (EAV)  that has been popular in Europe for over 30 years.

Herbal Medicine
Bowen Therapy
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