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 Detox To Reset my Health Program

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​Why should I do the Detox to Reset my Health program?

  • are you often exhausted or lethargic?

  • have you started developing rashes on your face or body?

  • do you regularly suffer from bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or other digestive disturbances?

  • do you get recurrent headaches from food or smells?

  • do you have allergies or sensitivities (such as when walking down the cleaning aisle at the supermarket?)

  • are you regularly suffering from muscle aches and pains?

  • have you had chemicals come up in your hair test?

  • Or do you just generally feel unwell?  

  • you have had your MTHFR gene test come back with at least one mutation


If you say yes to any of these points, and you have had these issues for more than 6 months, the Health Reset - Detox may be what you need.

A well planned and professional detoxification program can be one of the most effective strategies to improve the state of your health as it will help clear toxins out of your body and leave you feeling healthy and energetic. Your skin will glow and you will sleep better too.

Did you know that there are 2 main phases of liver detoxification?   

Over the counter supplements may not address which of these phases is out of balance, or over/under functioning. 

To put it simply:

phase one is where the toxic chemicals and metals (from food, water and air) are converted into less harmful chemicals via enzymes in the liver. 

 - phase two involves converting these fat-soluble toxic chemicals into water-soluble by-products which are eliminated via bile and urine.


So if your phase one is working well and phase two is underfunctioning (you may have heard of methylation)  these toxic chemicals aren't effectively eliminated out of the body. (This is why some people feel worse than others when they take detox supplements, or why the react to certain supplements.) 

Detoxifying is serious business however, and your safety and comfort during detoxification is very important.

The Health Reset Detox will help clear your body of accumulated toxins using natural, high quality, practitioner only supplements to support your body and help it detoxify, allowing your body's detoxification and repair systems to function efficiently, without causing any undesirable side effects. The supplements have all the nutrients and cofactors required for effective detoxification of phases of liver function.
This reset may not be suitable for everyone, depending upon medication, diagnosed diseases and general health, however it can easily be modified as needed. Jasmin will discuss this with you in your consultation.


 Detox to Reset my Health Program 
 In 4 short weeks start to optimise your liver, GUT, kidney, lymphatic and cellular elimination pathways.
Reduce the risk of chronic disease as you get older
Improve your hormonal health
Prepare your body for a better transition through menopause
Give your cells the gift of less toxicity and enable them to function effectively


      This Program Includes-

  • an initial naturopathic consultation (1 x hour) to discuss your specific health goals and needs, your detoxification questionnaire results, (you will have been sent this prior to your appointment), your current symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. Together we plan the best approach to detoxification and set you up for a successful program.

  • 2 x 30 minute review consultations in clinic (or online) to keep you on track and troubleshoot any symptoms.

  • Practitioner only supplements for guaranteed quality and effectiveness, (plus a safe detox/ cleanse (valued at $233)

  • Health Reset booklet, packed with information on healthy eating and detoxification

  • 2 x 15 minute email check-ins with Jasmin

       Your investment in this program includes everything you will need to reset your detoxification pathways and feel more energy, improving your sleep, mood & digestion. 
It includes top quality practitioner-only supplements  
Due on first appointment $250 (bonus items see below)

then weeks 2 & 4 $120  per week

2 x 15 minute email check-ins week 2,4
Shaker with snack container
Weekly detoxification newsletters
Detoxification booklet with food diary
Access to the Detox recipes online
100 gram Gut Healing Powder (value at $29)

   Are you ready to put your health first?
Pay up front and save $50... 
that makes it $440..


'I work in an environment where I am exposed to toxins on a daily basis and my skin ends up paying for it.Recently I developed a red blemish on my face which again the beauty therapist wasn't able to help with, but went back to Jasmin to do the detox again... and it cleared up!' R October 2022'.....

also wrote this below..

"My beauty therapist suggested I do a detox with Jasmin as my skin was looking terrible! Dry and red and scaly. What the beauty therapist did helped but after I went on the detox people kept saying my skin was glowing! And I didn't need to book in with the skin clinic. It's totally worth doing. Thanks Jasmin"    R April 2022

"I feel so great having finished Jasmin’s 4 week detox programme.

I haven't done a detox before, probably because I love food and can't afford down time feeling like rubbish. But after talking to a friend who was in her first week of the programme I decided this detox just might be a great way to start to look after my body.
I have been so happy to have maintained (and gained more) energy, I haven't felt hungry and when I went to bed at night I haven't felt completely over the day and blotted. My sleep has been fabulous and I've woken each morning ready to get up and start the day.
There were times within the four weeks I wanted to throw in the towel - old habits die hard. Dropping the tea and coffee habit was the hardist to crack. And though I love food prep and recipes, I had moments when I couldn't come up with a no- dairy, gluten, sugar, red meat option.
Jasmin was so helpful with inspiration and support on getting through thmorning/day/weekend. Her tip to just go and get a decaf soy flat white was a winner. (You would think that should've been and obvious for a coffee addict, but when you become so focussed on the can't have items you become blind to all the alternatives that you CAN have). Jasmin gave me great tips on alternatives and opened my mind to new products I could try.

Now having finished my 4 weeks I can definitely say I will do it again. I found plenty of variety to eat, I feel lighter, cleaner and inspired to do a little lifestyle change with my food and beverage preferences. Thanks, Jasmin"


RB, Warkworth April 2015

"Wow, I can't believe how much energy I have' after five days on a 4 week integrated detox program."

TB, Snells Beach, November 2014

"Just a note to say how good I am feeling after having been on the Liver Cleansing program for 5 days. I feel lighter like a grey cloud has lifted and I am certainly not hungry or craving anything despite having no dairy, red meat or gluten. My digestive system is a lot happier, which makes my whole body feel a lot better. Thanks you so much... "

CB, Pakiri, November 2014

I've done many different detoxes and cleanses over the years, and was prepared to experience headaches, nausea, tiredness and various other side-effects. I found with this regime not only did I not have any adverse effects, but as time went by I felt wonderful.

Just as good, as soon as I began taking the de-tox supplements I no longer needed the whole raft of pills and supplements I'd taken for years because of my inability to absorb nutrients from foods.

This detox is the most wonderful thing I have encountered in many years of searching for good health and trying to counter the effects of 245T and DDT spraying, plus the long term effect of various illnesses like hepatitis.

I can't recommend this programme too highly, and the advice and understanding of my practitioner (Jasmin Sturm) has added an extra dimension of confidence and commitment.

I will also be repeating the 2 week detox twice a year in order to maintain the good health I feel it achieves.                                            

VD, Leigh, November 2014

"Jasmin, thank you for introducing me to your detox program! I am so glad I did it, it has changed my eating habits, my digestion and my body. I found it hard at the beginning to stop eating so many foods, but once I realised and found that my body reacted differently, I started to crave and desire foods that made my body happy. No gas! No bloating! No indigestion!

It gives your body a chance to recover from the bad food choices we make sometimes.

I suffered from constipation and bloating before starting the detox. The bloating is gone! (Unless I eat the foods my body is intolerant to) and the constipation is slowly working itself out. I can't wait for the New Year to start the 6 week detox especially for your digestion. Thank you for your support and providing some feedback and offering food ideas."

RS, 10 December 2014

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