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Pellowah Healing

The word Pellowah is an angelic word meaning 'radical shift in consciousness"

Are you ready for a radical shift?

What is Pellowah Healing?

 Pellowah was brought through by its creator for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment and the subsequent healing effects are simply a by-product of the ‘shift in consciousness’.  

This form of healing connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It also unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving the receiver a deep feeling of connection and well-being.

Pellowah is a simple, powerful and effective form of energy healing which increases the capacity for you to experience positive change in your life.

Pellowah isn’t just for those who require some healing or for therapists who would like to learn a new modality: Pellowah is for Personal and Spiritual expansion whatever stage of life you are in.

You may have found yourself at cross-roads or simply are searching for a better more fulfilling life. There is Light at the end of the tunnel. We are now past the stage of doing things the hard way. Pellowah creates that change of mind that is much needed at this time, enabling life to unfold with more grace and ease.

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Benefits of receiving a Pellowah treatment:

- it calms the emotions, clears the mind & brings about a feelings of inner peace, inner strength and inner confidence

- it helps one overcome blocks caused by: fear, self-doubt, anxiety or depression

- you may experience an expanded sense of self and energetic perception

-- After integrating  the upgrade experienced during a session you may be able to make choices which take you to greater heights and levels in your life

Pellowah brings about an expansion in consciousness leaving you with a feeling of connection and well-being that seems to last and in fact gets stronger as the time goes by.   

How a Pellowah treatment works

A session lasts between 50 - 60 minutes. You lie on the massage table fully clothed, and the practitioner moves his/her hands above your body channelling the Pellowah Energy. The energy works on all energetic levels going to where it is most needed. Jasmin will indicate when your session is complete by tapping you on the shoulder; you may rest on the table for as long as you need to. 

After the treatment it is advisable to keep up your water intake especially over the next 24 hours, as this helps to facilitate the healing.

If you would like to share what you experienced during the healing Jasmin will simply listen without making any comments. The reason being that the Pellowah Energy will bring to you any realisations or awareness you need without any well meaning assistance or input from your practitioner. Generally speaking, you will have a new lightness and feeling of peace after your treatment.

Pellowah energy needs 24 hours to settle within your body. Your Pellowah practitioner will always be available if you need to talk about your experience AFTER the 24 hours period.

Each treatment is a totally unique experience. The number of treatments required to complete the healing is between 1 – 4 depending on your individual needs. Your Pellowah treatment continues to work in your system for 24 Hours at the same capacity, therefore in order to obtain the best results it is advisable not to:

  • Give or receive any other forms of healing for 24 hours

  • Take any alcohol or illicit drugs for 24 hours

IWhy Pellowah?

Why Pellowah?

Pellowah is Source Energy, and as such it is amongst the highest and the purest energy you can work with. It is an extremely gentle and subtle energy, and yet it can break through the hardest and most dense defensive mechanisms, at whatever level they exist (mental, emotional or physical). Pellowah energy can filter through even the most imperceptible cracks and reach the person’s core, to start the healing from the inside out.

Pellowah is a soothing and nourishing balm for the Soul.





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