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During the Initial consultation


To get to the root cause of a health issue requires a naturopath to ask in detail about past medical history and blood tests, eating patterns, lifestyle and daily routine as well as skin, hair, nails, and sometimes iridology. Some testing may be necessary (Blood pressure, zinc test, pH test) as well as specific questionnaires. Generally the first consultation will take around an hour.


You will be sent a Welcome Pack prior to your consultation with some forms to fill out, and asked to bring a list of your current medications, supplements and any relevant blood tests. Sometimes you will be sent an online questionnaire to fill out.




At the end of your initial consultation an evaluation is made, taking into account all factors that may be influencing your health. We will then develop an individualised treatment plan that will suit your lifestyle and budget.


Sometimes Jasmin may take a day or two to complete the recommendations depending upon the complexity of your needs.

Recommendations may include specific supplements to target nutritional deficiencies, herbal medicine (teas, tinctures, creams), homotoxicology (heel homeopathics) ,food and nutritional guidelines or eating plans, lifestyle changes, body therapies and referrals where necessary.



The follow up appointment/s


Why are follow-up appointments advised?


The follow-up is very important. It is generally around 30 minutes long and allows Jasmin to assess how the treatment is going and adjust if necessary as well as answer any further queries you may have. Any test results will be gone over and/or further testing may be recommended. If any new health concerns have come up these will also be discussed and recommendations made.


The follow-up  is a vital part of your health improvement as it allows the naturopath to support and assist you to keep on track with your health goals.


Sometimes a number of follow-up appointments are necessary. This depends upon an individuals needs.


This support is to help you develop the tools to maintain your optimum level of health!



Childrens consultations


Children's consultations are generally around 30 - 40 minutes depending upon age and health concerns.  'I love to see children in the clinic. It is great to work alongside parents to help their children attain the best health they can. I often see children with digestive concerns, (constipation, tummy aches etc), allergies as well as anxiety, sleeping issues and hyperactivity.'  Contact Jasmin for further information.




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