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Are you wanting a more balanced life and healthier habits but aren't sure how to create that for yourself?

Jasmin is both a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist - the two diplomas received from South Pacific College of Natural Therapies (SPCNT) in 1999. She also holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine, which included papers in nutritional biochemistry, microbiology and immunology as well as pathophysiology. 

"I love helping people find better health! Work with me and we will make do-able changes that you can implement. I listen to what you need and provide information for you to help you create the best health you can."

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Do you know what a naturopath does? Have a look around the website and see, and you can book a 10-15 minute discovery call if you would like to ask Jasmin some questions about whether I can help you. Book here:

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Visit Us

Clinic: Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday. Saturday by appointment. 

 @Arcadia Health Store

Riverside Arcade

62 Queen St


For those who finding getting into the clinic a challenge I also do Skype, and online consults by arrangement.

Telephone followups also available.

Tel: 027 372 4200

Available Treatments
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