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Emotional Release Technique


Do you hold in your unwanted feelings? Avoid conflict? Feel stressed or anxious?
These unexpressed emotions can put a stress on our body & manifest as physical or emotional symptoms:  
-    Anxiety   
-    Insomnia
-    Sadness  
-    Panic
-    PMS
-    Tension in your body
-    Pain of all types


Emotional Release Technique is a gentle & supportive technique leaving you feeling lighter, relaxed, with more clarity and peace of mind.  


You will leave the consultation with some specific affirmations and lifestyle ideas on how to deal with your concerns, (whether it be pain or specific situations) and a bottle of Bach Flower Remedies chosen specifically for you.    


Time: 45 minutes    Cost: $50





"Hi  Jasmin, thanks so much for your session last week.  I immediately felt lighter & less anxious about the issue I was working on both during & after the session. Over the next few days the emotions that I felt around the issue continued to dwindle & I made some dramatic changes in my approach to the problem & have had some miraculous results. I feel a whole heap better." Caroline (Okura) Dec 2014


"Thanks Jasmin! In just one session a release happened for me that literally gave me part of myself and my life back! A truly valuable tool that could help many!" Cathy (WW) May 2013


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