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What? You sold the health shop....

(I do get that comment frequently too!)

Hi there,

I’m sending out this update to all my clients from 2016, so you know what changes I am

making in my business, and to tell you about the services I offer now. Here we are in January 2017: big changes for me, I sold the Warkworth Natural Health Store in November 2016, after almost 7 and a half years, it was time for a change. I’ve enjoyed owning the business, however, now I’ve got more time to focus on my passion for helping individuals on their journey to health.

I’m excited to announce I have a new website – here is a link

if you are interested to know more about what I do, and what a naturopath does in general, please have a look! (there are a few minor glitches still) ……. I also have a face-book page, where I post updates on what is happening in my clinic, plus information that I find that is interesting:

Jasmin Sturm – naturopath: Essential Health

Hair testing: for food intolerances & environmental substances. Usually $130 February only $110 !

This is a valuable tool in clinic – for complicated health issues it can be better to be part of a naturopathic treatment plan, but it is definitely a great starting point for those wishing to really get a grip on foods and the impact they have on their health.

‘My daughter and I have both benefited enormously from having a hair test. While the results supported Jasmin’s initial ideas around out health concerns, the hair tests provided an extra insight for us that really supported a course of action, enabling us to get an accurate diagnosis and relevant treatment.’

MM Warkworth Dec 2016

Retest after 4 – 6 months $110.00

Mother and full breast fed baby hair test: $200 for them both

Bowen Therapy with Emmett Technique

I’m off on another Bowen workshop during March. See website for information and testimonials….

A recent text from a client “So glad you are practicing, feeling a lot better J

Contact me if you are looking for the Bioceuticals range of supplements as they are a practitioner-only range. I am stocking them in my clinic.

doTerra Essential Oils

I’ve started using and selling these beautiful essential oils. I’m really impressed with the quality and versatility of essential oils. They are ingestible and there are lots of resources available about how to use them. You can open your own wholesale account as well and save 25% off retail prices.

Homotoxicology - homeopathics

Over the last 18 months I have started using some amazing homeopathic complexes – with very pleasing results for clients who are particularly sensitive to high dose supplements. And a great alternative for very young children as well. They are very subtle, safe and effective. See the testimonial below.

Wonder if you have low thyroid?

I been having amazing results with people with low thyroid symptoms. ‘Wow Jasmin, after all the years of having such low energy and plodded along, I am finally starting to feel normal again! My energy is starting to pick up - I can see it reflected in my temperature chart.’ AB 2016

Clinic location and times…

I’m currently working from the clinic in Arcadia Health Store (my old shop!) a couple of days a week. The new owner, Chris Wright has renovated the clinic room and it is looking great. In March I will be opening a clinic in Matakana......


C 027 37 24200


My son H* started seeing Jasmin in October 2015, he had some serious allergies, gut related issues, eczema, Asthma, sleep problems, constant bloated stomach and was always hungry (no matter how much you fed him), he was also on a super restricted diet and it looked like he was stuck on it forever, also he would be hospitalized every time he caught a little cold.

I knew when I took Harrison to Jasmin that he was going to be a hard one to crack as we had taken him to MANY other health practitioners who have tried to help.

Now fast forward to January 2017: Harrisons’ eczema is the best it's been in a long time, we very rarely have a bloated stomach, he is sleeping through the night and he eats a normal amount of food, his hospital trips have been cut down tremendously and he is a very happy energetic 4 year old.

We still have some ways to go with Harrison but we are so excited and grateful for the progress made and level of health he has now and we look forward to the future who knows we might be able to take him out for an actual meal!

BJ Feb 2017

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